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5 Ways Spiritual Dancing Promotes Connection and Self Love

In this day and age, one of the main aspects of life that most people struggle with is self love. It can be so easy to compare ourselves to one another, especially when we have para-social connections with celebrities and people who seem to be without the flaws of ordinary people. Connecting to oneself through spiritual dance is a great way to seek self love in a world where it can be hard to find. Here’s how spiritual dancing promotes connection and self love. Enhances Self Acceptance The great thing about spiritual dance is that it doesn’t require a great deal of skill. Dancers of any skill level can create a compelling spirit dance routine, especially with the help of props like worship flags and flowy clothing. This makes it easier for spirit dancers to accept themselves where they are. Strengthens Spiritual Connection Preparing dance routines and performing in front of those of similar spiritual backgrounds can help strengthen existing spiritual connections. Not only do

Posted: 6/16/2023

3 Ways Praise Dance Helps Dancers Praise the Lord

Dance is an art form that almost anyone can relate to in some way. Whether you find yourself moving your head or tapping your feet when you hear a fun song or feel the need to fully choreograph every tune you hear, dance is a universal experience. Through praise dance, worshippers move to the music with the intention of deeper exploration of worship. Learn about some of the ways praise dance helps dancers spread the word of the Lord. Answering the Call Those who dance in a spiritual setting often do so because they feel “called” to worship this way. This is the form of worship they use to express their love for God and show that love to others. Like writing spiritual poems or creating religious works of art, dance is simply the outlet these artists use to express their beliefs. Body, Mind and Spirit Working Together Showing love for God in the form of dance can be a vulnerable practice. Worshiping through dance in a public setting reveals a mind, body and spirit connection

Posted: 12/30/2022

Worship Flags

In some churches, worship flags are commonly used during services by congregation members or worship teams. If you haven’t commonly seen these flags, you may wonder what their purpose would be during a church service. What are Worship Flags? Worship flags are colorful silk flags that some Christians use in a visual manner to worship God. The meaning behind these flags is a reminder that “God is our banner.” Different Viewpoints Worship flags can be used in church services, Christian concerts and interpretive dances. However, some people do not believe in the use of flags in worship. They believe that what God wants to see from your worship isn’t in the flag but in your heart. Some see it as a distraction, not allowing them to truly focus on God but on the person using the flag instead. On the other side, some say that it allows them to honor God and glorify Him. Using the flags allows them to feel closer to Him and serves as a reminder that He is listening and present at al

Posted: 6/20/2022

Essential Items to Enhance Worship Dance

Worship dance is a collection of physical and emotional energy put into praise dancing. Sometimes within worship dance we use items that enhance our movement and add a visual aspect to the message we are trying to convey. Adding items to worship dance involves a lot of practice and skills, but leads to a performance that is well received and thoughtful. Tambourines In the Bible, tambourines were notably used as instruments of worship. For instance, when the Israelites were freed from Egypt in the Exodus, Miriam played a tambourine alongside the worshippers. Tambourines have been used in worship in countries like Greece, China and India. Today, in many Pentecostal churches, tambourines are used to emphasize worship and to add style musically. We offer Standard Single Jingle Tambourines in various sizes, based on your needs. Flags Flags are used within worship dance to accentuate the words that are being sung. It takes a lot of practice to be able to understand the songs spirit

Posted: 4/22/2022

3 Skills Praise Dance Can Teach You

Worship looks different to everyone. Some worship by singing and clapping, while others find worship to come more authentically through dancing. One form of worship is praise dance. Here are some skills you can learn from praise dancing: Discipline Worshiping through praise dance involves using your entire body to express how you feel toward God. Using your entire body to worship is a creative task You have to flow and move to music, and this teaches you discipline. Discipline carries a big role in faith because it allows routine to turn into relationships. Praise dancing takes practice and dedication. This can transfer into other areas of your life. Being disciplined in practicing builds a strong work ethic and a deeper relationship with God. Humility Being able to remove all prenotions of shame in praise dance is not an easy feat. This means getting rid of shame by humbling yourself. You have to be able to dance like no one but Jesus is watching. It’s freeing to dance with

Posted: 3/18/2022

Praise Dance Starter Kit

Getting into praise dance can look intimidating from afar. However, if you are called to move with the music in praise, you shouldn’t let nerves get in the way. This is your chance to take your spiritual life to another level. Luckily, you can get started with a few standard items. What you wear will vary by what group you join, but generally, the attire is long, flowing and modest. Props and accessories tend to be more universal. Here’s what you need to get started: Flags When buying flags for dance routines, consider all the parts. Flag shafts, silk flags and flag shift tips are all sold individually. Each one comes in a couple standard sizes, and the flags come in an array of colors. Accidents happen during dance practice, but when they do, you may not need to replace the entire flag. You can buy swivel tubes if all the damage to the flag shaft is exterior. And if it’s just the flag itself, you can just replace the fabric. Flags help showcase the flow of your movements, and they

Posted: 2/18/2022

Why We Use Tambourines in Dance Ministry

Spiritual dance takes on many forms, but there are some instruments that always seem to be present. In the case of Christian dance ministry, almost every dance involves tambourines. This isn’t a coincidence. These instruments have been used since biblical times, if not earlier, during wars, parties and even temple services. Learn more about why tambourines are still widely used in dance ministry today. Biblical References The Bible contains several references to tambourines, which are also called timbrels, tabrets and tofs in different sections. These handheld instruments expressed praise, rejoicing, triumph, victory, warfare and more! They were played in many places during Biblical times, from homes and battlefields to feasts and celebrations; even priests at temples used them from time to time. In one notable biblical event, Moses’s sister Miriam played one to celebrate the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt “Then Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a tambourine in h

Posted: 1/7/2022

How Praise Dance Helps Build Community

Worship through dance has existed for most of the time people have been moving around. Christian praise dance has its roots in Judaism, and it was a common practice in the early days of the Church. Dance is a great form of self expression, especially when words aren’t enough. While any type of group dance fosters a sense of community, praise dance takes it to another level. Here’s how. Moving Together Praise dance allows worshippers to move as a coordinated group. This helps each dancer bond with others in a deeper way than they would from exchanging words between services. While every participant learns their routines, they can watch one another for reference, eventually beginning to move as one. Building Fellowship Group dance has many physical and mental benefits, but praise dance has the added bonus of improving spiritual health. Moving with the music and portraying spiritual messages through dance allows each individual to strengthen their relationship with their faith. D

Posted: 11/19/2021

5 Reasons to Get Involved in Praise Dance

Since the first people learned to walk, they also learned to dance. In fact, you can find cave drawings of dance routines. Spiritual dancing in particular has been around for thousands of years. Its existence in Christianity started before the founding of the Church, rooted in Jewish tradition. Dancing as a form of spiritual expression has benefits for mental, physical and, of course, spiritual health. Here are some of the reasons we recommend getting involved in praise dance. Praise Without Words Expressing feelings to the Lord in the form of dance, rather than through words, tells an unfiltered story. By dancing, you can express joy, abundance, and rejoicing, as well as emotions on the thoughtful side of spiritual life. This is even encouraged in some Bible verses, like Psalm 150:4: “Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!” Connection with Others Praise through dance allows you to form deep connections with others, especially au

Posted: 9/17/2021

Bible Verses to Inspire Praise Dancing

Worship or praise dance helps artists express their love for God, and inspiration can be found in many places. The world can be a difficult place to find motivation for praise dancing. One of the best places to look is the Bible. Here are a few Bible verses that can inspire you to get up and dance. “Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;” Psalm 30:11 When you’re feeling down, you may be tempted to dwell on that feeling. However, sometimes it’s best to turn to God. Reflect on how you feel, and you may find the answer in self expression through dance. Art has healing powers, and dance has the power to mentally and physically heal. “O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: dance before him, all the earth.” Psalm 96:9 If you’re looking for motivation, look no further than the beauty of everything the Lord has made. The world is a beautiful place, and it would be even more beautiful if everyone could e

Posted: 7/23/2021

Essential Items for a Praise Dance Starter Kit

Dance ministry is one of many ways to praise the Lord for what he does for us. When you decide to dive into the world of praise and worship dance, you may be intimidated at first. There are so many types of dance moves, costumes and flags these talented dancers use to show their devotion. Star Line Baton has almost everything you need to get started. Flags The shining star of praise dance routines are the flags. They add flashy colors and extend the artistic dance expression past the bodies of the dancers. At Star Line Baton, we sell everything you need to create your perfect flag. We sell shafts, tape, ribbons, silk flags and even the flag shaft balls and tips. Create your own custom flags to bring another level of class to your performances. Cases You didn’t think you were going to carry that flag without a case, did you? Like our broad collection of flag pieces, we offer a variety of carrying cases. We offer anything from neon and sparkle cases to plain black, deluxe profess

Posted: 7/9/2021

5 Different Types of Spiritual Dance

Dancing in church is a controversial subject between sects of Christianity. In some churches, it’s a way to express your love for God. In others, it’s unacceptable. Among other major world religions, spiritual dance is a deeply personal experience. Here are five different kinds of spiritual dance. Ecstatic Trance Dance Inspired by Shiva, the third god in the Hindu triumvirate, this style of unchoreographed dance combines elements of meditation and dancing. Dancers either close their eyes or wear blindfolds, dancing until their only focus is on the dance itself. The idea is to remove the ego from the experience through repetitive movements and breath. Shamanic Dance Like ecstatic trance dance, this type of dance is done while blindfolded. However, it is often done to the beat of a drum from evening until sunset. Dancers move in a circle around a fire with a chief as their guide. This is said to promote healing, transformation and self discovery. Shamanic dance is also ancient i

Posted: 6/18/2021

Mastering the Tambourine

Did you know that the first known use of the tambourine was recorded as early as 1700 BC? This ancient percussion instrument has been part of worship music for thousands of years, and is still used by church choirs and praise teams around the world. If you’d like to master the tambourine, here are a few of the different playing techniques you’ll need to know. The leg tapping method is the easiest way to familiarize yourself with playing—and keeping rhythm with—the tambourine. To start, hold the tambourine in your non-dominant hand, resting your thumb on one side of the frame and curling your fingers around the opposite edge. Then, tap it against your hip or upper thigh to a steady rhythm. You can start off slow with the leg tap and increase the speed as you become more comfortable, but don’t forget to stay on beat. Once you’ve grasped the basics, you can start to learn some tambourine rolls. The most basic type of roll, a shake roll, involves holding the tambourine upright and

Posted: 3/19/2021

Dancing in Church, a History

The words “dance” and “ministry” may seem like an odd combination to those who are unfamiliar, but worship dance is a practice that predates Christianity. Though controversial, this type of worship has come back in recent years to churches around the world. The roots, rejection and eventual resurgence of dance ministry are all important parts of its history. Early Church Dance Before the fall of the Roman empire, Christians commonly danced in celebration and worship. However, the practice started to dwindle around that time. Roman Catholic clergy would lead Mass where worshippers would sit quietly and watch. Dancing was reserved for weddings and festivals. Ring dancing, as well as tripudium, or “three step dance,” occurred in churches and on the streets on days of celebration. Rejection of Dance Some reformation leaders, like Martin Luther and William Tyndale, viewed dance as a great way to express praise to God. More radical leaders believed in a puritanical approach, banning

Posted: 12/23/2020

Tambourine Timeline

Today, tambourines are a big part of worship. They are used in choirs, ministry, and churches. Believe it or not, tambourines started out as worship tools thousands of years ago in Egypt. Though its exact date of appearance is unknown, tambourines were very popular in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome. Women were prominent users of the instrument during religious and folk ceremonies. Crusaders brought the instrument to Europe in the 13th century, where they started to be used for dance and song. The ancient Romans played the tambourine, and in the Middle Ages, traveling musicians and entertainers played it. The modern version of the tambourine reentered Europe during the Turkish Janissary musical bands, or music of the Turkish military, in the 18th century. In the late 18th century, it appeared occasionally in the orchestra and was adopted as a general orchestral instrument in the 19th century with composers such as Hector Berlioz and Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov. While tambourin

Posted: 4/17/2019

Praise & Ministry Dance

Today, praise dance is seen as a form of religious expression, but what exactly is a praise dance meant to do? There’s a common misconception that dance has spiritual authority. However, it’s through the obedience of truth that you’re energized; only then is your dance alive with spiritual substance. Two forms of dance, praise dance and dance ministry, celebrate spiritual authority. A praise dance is created with the intention of glorifying God by communicating the divine message of the good news of Jesus Christ. Praise dance can refer to any Christian liturgical dance, but it often implies worship dance that has evolved out of African-American churches. Dance ministry is the process of using your gift of dance to share the gospel or the good news of Jesus Christ. For a praise dance, each movement is meant to share your love of Christ to the lost, encourage comfort, and edify the saints in the faith. In many religions, praise dance is valued as an integral part of worship, but during t

Posted: 11/9/2018

The Art of Flag Twirling

Are you planning to try out for your school's color guard or drill team? If you are, you may need to learn how to twirl a flag. One of the most common techniques in twirling a flag is called a drop spin. To spectators, a drop spin looks like the flag is swiftly spinning in front of the twirler's body. To perform a drop spin, follow these simple instructions:

Posted: 8/15/2017

Dance in the Bible

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance”

Posted: 2/16/2015

Celebrate Gods Love Through Song and Dance

“Out of them shall come songs of thanksgiving, and the voices of those who celebrate.” Jeremiah 30:19

Posted: 3/10/2014

Tips for Tambourine Beginners

Planning to join your church’s praise team or choir? If you are, you may need to learn how to play tambourine. The tambourine is a percussion instrument that can be traced back to most ancient civilizations. Learning the basics of the tambourine isn’t difficult, and it can add a great percussion flair to any worship music. Here are some tips for tambourine beginners:

Posted: 2/13/2013

Praise Him With Dancing!

"Let them praise his name with dancing, making melody to him with tambourine and lyre!" - Psalm 149:3

Praising God through dance is a great way to show your joy in Him. No matter what style of dance your church's dance ministry team performs - whether it is jazz, lyrical, musical theatre, etc. - dancing is a great way to show your love for God.

Posted: 8/1/2012

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