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Tips for Staying Nimble and Flexible in Dance

Staying nimble and flexible as a dancer helps improve your dancing in many ways. When you dance, you put strain on your body, especially in smaller muscle groups that often get neglected. If you donít take the time to stretch, your body will feel tight and can be susceptible to serious injury like a tear. Moreover, having great flexibility will help improve your dancing, allowing your body to feel free when moving around. Here are some tips on how to stay nimble and flexible as a dancer. Warm up Before doing deep stretches, itís always important to warm up. Take a few minutes to do dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretches are bodyweight exercises that take your body through the whole range of motion. These can range from the runner's lunge to high-knee steps or heel-to-rear jogs. Do dynamic stretching for 10-15 minutes.This helps reduce the risk of injury, gives proper blood flow to your muscles and helps to loosen your body so it will be easier and healthier to stretch and stay n

Posted: 7/28/2022

3 Skills Praise Dance Can Teach You

Worship looks different to everyone. Some worship by singing and clapping, while others find worship to come more authentically through dancing. One form of worship is praise dance. Here are some skills you can learn from praise dancing: Discipline Worshiping through praise dance involves using your entire body to express how you feel toward God. Using your entire body to worship is a creative task You have to flow and move to music, and this teaches you discipline. Discipline carries a big role in faith because it allows routine to turn into relationships. Praise dancing takes practice and dedication. This can transfer into other areas of your life. Being disciplined in practicing builds a strong work ethic and a deeper relationship with God. Humility Being able to remove all prenotions of shame in praise dance is not an easy feat. This means getting rid of shame by humbling yourself. You have to be able to dance like no one but Jesus is watching. Itís freeing to dance with

Posted: 3/18/2022

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