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Learn To Twirl DVD 1

Star line is pleased to introduce a new series of professionally developed LEARN TO TWIRL DVDs.

The goal of the video series is to help you coach and your athletes to learn twirling the correct way.

The professionally illustrated and technically correct series of DVDs will take an athlete step by step through the entire realm of basic baton twirling and body moves. The great part about the DVDs is that they will show the instructor and/or athlete exactly how to coach or learn each move assuring the athlete that the move will be learned correctly. It is only through a good foundation in correct twirling and body technique that the athlete can become a really fine twirler.

Introduces the beginner to Basic Twirls figure 8, forward loop, reverse loop etc, basic rolls straight arm rolls, elbow roll etc, movement techniques and basic fun tricks. The DVD ends with a portion of a basic march routine using material from Volume 1.

Run Time aprox.45 Min.

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