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Archive for February, 2023

How to Spend Downtime During Baton Twirling Competitions

Baton twirling competitions give twirlers the chance to shine and show off their skills. Any seasoned baton twirler knows how important it is to prepare for these competitions. Preparing even while you wait to be called to perform can give you even more confidence, which gives you an edge over the competition. Here are a few productive ways you can spend your downtime, both physically and mentally. Practice Backstage Itís natural to be nervous when youíre about to perform, especially when judges are involved. Take time to practice leading up to your performance. Keep others around you in mind. Make sure whatever moves you practice wonít distract them or put them at risk of being hit. Practice twirls that can be done without throwing and that are unlikely to cause you to drop your baton. Eyes on the Prize Unless thereís a fire, it doesnít matter whatís going on around you. While waiting your turn to perform in a competition, focus on what youíre there to do. Think about your g

Posted: 2/24/2023

Why the Starlite Baton is the Perfect Alternative to Fire Spinning

Fire dancing has ancient roots, and even now, watching a fire dancing routine brings viewers back to a simpler time. However, spinning fire can be dangerous, especially for inexperienced twirlers. For someone looking to make a transition to fire twirling or looking to put on a flashy show without the risks fire brings, there are alternatives available. Battery-powered light batons can be great, but thereís always the risk of batteries dying at inopportune moments. Thatís where the batteryless lighted Starlite comes in. Dangers of Fire Spinning No matter what technology we create or what methods we use to make fire safer, itís inherently dangerous. The tiniest bit of excess fuel can go flying off a fire baton and onto nearby plants ó or worse, audience members. Spinning a fire baton can be practiced safely, but it involves several steps and a great deal of training to make fire spinning safe. Inconvenience of Fire Batons When you use fire batons, there are several other types

Posted: 2/10/2023

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