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3 Types Of Equipment Used In Winter Guard

Winter guard is an indoor sport that follows the same discipline as color guard. On the other hand, winter guard brings more creativity and live music to beautifully choreographed routines than its color guard counterpart. However, just like color guard, your equipment is an essential part of the performances. Using the right equipment not only captures the eyes of your audience, but it reveals your teamís technical ability to the judges during the routine. Here are three primary types of equipment that are used throughout winter guard performances. Rifles With an appearance similar to that of actual firing rifles, rifles used in winter guard are made from wood or plastic. These rifles normally weigh between 2 to 5 pounds, which makes them light enough for performers to toss up in the air safely. While they are an optional tool to use for winter guard competitions, they demonstrate the origin story of the military color guard. Sabres Similarly, sabres are also designed to be like actual sabres and are optional to use during competitions. These tasteful sword-like props are normally 30-39 inches in length. The sabres used in winter guard are made from two types of material: plastic and metal. Metal is most commonly used during performances and can be accessorized with lavish engravings across the blade. Flags The most fundamental type of equipment used in both color guard and winter guard, flags add a powerful symbolic message about your teamís routine style. There are multiple sizes of flagpoles and silks you can choose from based on your teamís experience level and routine style. Generally, the most common size of flags used for winter guard is a 6-foot pole with a piece of 36in x 54in wide customized fabric. Swing flags, which are flags with shorter poles and larger silks, are sought after because they add a more dynamic visual impact to your performance. Using these props and equipment can enhance your teamís elegant choreographed routine. With various equipment customization options to choose from, adding the right types of equipment and props to your routine can go a long way. Considering getting equipment and props for winter guard? Give Star Line Baton a call at 931-528-7829.

Posted: 10/21/2022

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