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Archive for December, 2022

3 Ways Praise Dance Helps Dancers Praise the Lord

Dance is an art form that almost anyone can relate to in some way. Whether you find yourself moving your head or tapping your feet when you hear a fun song or feel the need to fully choreograph every tune you hear, dance is a universal experience. Through praise dance, worshippers move to the music with the intention of deeper exploration of worship. Learn about some of the ways praise dance helps dancers spread the word of the Lord. Answering the Call Those who dance in a spiritual setting often do so because they feel “called” to worship this way. This is the form of worship they use to express their love for God and show that love to others. Like writing spiritual poems or creating religious works of art, dance is simply the outlet these artists use to express their beliefs. Body, Mind and Spirit Working Together Showing love for God in the form of dance can be a vulnerable practice. Worshiping through dance in a public setting reveals a mind, body and spirit connection

Posted: 12/30/2022

Adding More Fun to Baton Twirling Classes

Baton twirling is entertaining to watch and can be fun to learn. However, it involves learning a lot of new skills and can be difficult to commit to, especially for beginners. Between hours of practice to get a twirling move just right, memorizing dance choreography and combining all the skills you learn, baton twirling can be as grueling as any other sport. Here are a few ways we recommend making baton twirling classes a little more fun, especially for the youngest twirlers. Change Up Warm Ups Warming up for a baton twirling session should involve static and dynamic stretches. However, there’s no one way to do these kinds of stretching exercises. Consider changing it up by adding Crossfit-inspired stretches to some classes and yoga-inspired stretches to another. Read the room, and make sure everyone is on board with the warm ups you’re doing. You can also try some acting warm ups, like telling one word stories, to get the class relaxed and comfortable before they go into learning

Posted: 12/8/2022

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