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Praise Dance and Dance Ministry

There are two forms of dance that celebrate spiritual authority: praise dance and ministry dance. Most people look at praise dance as a form of religious expression, but that’s actually based on a common misconception; that dance has spiritual authority. However, your dance can only come alive with spiritual substance through the obedience of truth. Praise dance, more specifically, is done with the intention of glorifying God through communicating the divine message of good news through Jesus Christ. Praise dances can refer to a variety of dances, but it typically refers to worship dances that have evolved out of African-American churches. Each movement in praise dance is meant to share your love of the Lord, and in many religions, is an integral part of worship. Many modern dances can be incorporated into praise dance, including modern dance, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. Dance ministry, on the other hand, refers to sharing the gospel or the good news of Jesus Christ through dance. Both

Posted: 8/19/2020

Your Baton Twirling Survival Kit

Starting a new hobby is always exciting. You dive into research, watch endless hours of video, and get to teach yourself something new. The best part? A new hobby typically means new supplies, and any baton twirler is only as good as, well, their baton. Your baton twirling survival kit should be filled with everything you need to take from a novice twirler to an expert. But what exactly should be in your kit? Baton: The first, and most important, part of your baton twirling kit should be your baton! We have a range of batons suitable for baton twirlers of every level. For beginners, we carry the Starlet Baton. Both affordable and stylish, this baton is offered in two sizes and is one of our top sellers. Cases and Bags: To properly protect your baton, you’ll need a proper case. In order to make your case easier to carry, we also recommend fitting it with a strap. Footwear: Like any sport, proper footwear is crucial. We carry United Baton Shoes which are designed specifically f

Posted: 8/12/2020

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