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Selecting The Perfect Song

Youíre given the chance to select a new song for your routine! Thatís a lot of freedom, so how do you decide on the perfect song? This is the song thatís going to impact your performance, so itís important to choose wisely. When it comes to music, youíll want to pick a song that really excites ó not one blander than your grandmotherís oatmeal or thatíll put your dad to sleep. Make sure you like the song too; youíll be hearing it for weeks. Next, the song should invoke some type of emotion in you for inspiration. If you canít respond passionately with your emotions when performing the routine, it will not have a positive impact on the audience or the judges. Choreography goes hand-in-hand with the song choice as well. Dancing expresses the type of emotion youíre communicating, and displaying emotion lets the audience connect the music to your movement. If the story of your performance isnít represented with the correct choreography, it will fall flat. You must intertwin your body and em

Posted: 8/7/2019

Using Criticism To Succeed

Getting comments on your performance can be tiring, and the truth is, not many people enjoy criticism. It can lead to a host of bad feelings. Donít allow yourself to view one judgeís opinion negatively; use it as constructive criticism to improve your performance. If you know how to approach these comments, you can build on your performance. For example, itís exciting when you perform to the best of your ability in baton twirling or color guard. When the judges donít enjoy it as much as you, itís disappointing. The creativity you thought was superb isnít seen in the same light. After all, performance is subjective, so opinions can vary between different judges and shows. If judges are consistent in critiquing a specific part of your performance then it is worth looking into; consider workshopping it for a better score. If you donít understand what you did wrong, inquire about what it was specifically to get the best results. If it isnít a simple fix try to practice, practice, practice

Posted: 7/24/2019

Preventing Knee Injury

Tearing an ACL or a meniscus can end a football playerís career, and itís no different when it comes to color guard. It is important that you take good care of your body, so that you donít risk these serious injuries. Most importantly, you must keep yourself hydrated. Physical activity can cause the body to lose up to one liter of its water per hour. Dehydration causes the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles, making you prone to cramps and dislocations. Drink plenty of water with electrolytes, or even consider putting long-lasting chia seeds into your bottle. Incorporate a cool down after practice or a routine. This can be 10 minutes of stretching or walking, enough to maximize your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Kneel on one knee, placing the opposite foot in front of you. Then lean forward, stretching your hip to the floor. Switch sides, and repeat this hip flexor stretch. Next, lunge out on one side, bending the knee and, keeping the opposite leg straight, keep your

Posted: 7/10/2019

Why We Love Gloves

Gloves arenít just fashion statements; they often serve a purpose. Wearing gloves in baton twirling or color guard can help reduce calluses and prevent blisters. Calluses are developed when excess weight or friction from gripping and catching causes the lower layers of the skin to thicken. They can rip open and start bleeding if excessive pressure is applied on a daily basis, resulting in throbbing, stinging, or general discomfort of the affected area. While calluses are formed after longer time periods, blisters are created in a similar manner in a shorter amount of time. Since they break open easily, blisters are more prone to revealing raw skin. If not treated properly, open blisters can lead to infection, especially if you are constantly touching a dirty baton, sabre, or rifle. So how do you stay protected? By wearing gloves, as well as moisturizing daily, you can greatly reduce the development of calluses and blisters. No one wants to miss out on opportunities because of pain, so

Posted: 6/19/2019

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