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What You Need to Succeed in Color Guard

Entering the world of color guard is a great way to share pride and spirit for your school or organization. The sport of color guard stems from the military, where flag holders acted as part of the army to show the opponent their dignity. Since then, color guard has evolved into a collaborative activity with marching bands who wave flags, sabres, rifles, or air blades to interpret the music that the band is playing. In order to start your color guard experience, there are a few fundamental pieces of equipment you must have in order to be fully prepared. Flag and Pole In color guard, the flag and pole are two of the few parts that you can choose on your own. Choosing the right flag pole is essential to providing you with the ability to perform your movements accurately. Star Line Baton offers a wide selection of flag poles in all different colors, such as black, gold, white, and silver, to match any color or design of flag you plan to twirl. After choosing your shaft, itís time

Posted: 10/21/2020

How to Choose the Right Baton

Choosing the right baton is crucial to improving your twirling game. Batons come in many different shapes, sizes, and textures, and it can be tricky finding the perfect fit. Star Line Baton is known around the world for producing the best batons on the market, and weíre here to help you pick out your very own. Size The first thing a twirler must do before choosing a new baton is deciding on the size. The easiest way to find the right size is to measure the length of your arm with measuring tape, then find a baton thatís the closest to the length of your arm. Weight and Shape The shape of your baton, and its rubber end, can change the way you throw and twirl. The Superstar baton is the most popular around the world, and it can be identified by its star rubber end. This baton can be for any twirler looking to be recognized for their skills. The Lite Star is a lighter baton crafted to provide remarkable controllability, with a simple round rubber end. If youíre a beginner, t

Posted: 10/7/2020

Basic Color Guard Moves

No matter what sport you play, there are always basics to learn. The same goes for color guard! Every time a colorful flag is tossed into the air, color guard members are using advanced techniques that build upon their basic skills. Generally speaking, there are three main basic moves in color guard. Right Shoulder Position For the right position, hold the bottom stopper in your left hand, near your belly button. Use your right hand to hold the pole just under the flag, typically at forehead level. Try to keep the pole centered with your nose. Right, Left, or Front Present Position In order to achieve a front present, extend your right arm parallel to the ground, being sure to keep the pole away from your body. For right position, extend your right arm so that the pole crosses over your left shoulder. To achieve left present position, bring your right elbow up to your chin to cross the pole in the other direction. Right of Left Slam Like its namesake, slams are done quick

Posted: 9/23/2020

Color Guard Coaches: Tips and Tricks

To those who arenít well-versed in color guard, coaching a team may sound easy. However, color guard is an intensive sport that requires hours and hours of practice a day, as well as costuming, theming, choreography, gymnastics, and prop work. Every aspect that goes into a great routine is planned and implemented by the coach. Hereís how you can manage coaching color guard. Hire Help Find co-coaches who are as passionate about color guard that you are. Try to look for someone who may excel in an aspect that you donít; i.e. if costuming isnít your thing, look for someone who loves design! Use Your Resources Youíre only human and canít be expected to know the answers to everything. There are plenty of national guard circuits that you can reach out to. Many even offer mentor programs. Search for fellow color guard coaches on social media channels, and reach out to them to collaborate. For inspiration, check out Pinterest or Youtube. Work With Your Team Each member of your team

Posted: 9/9/2020

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