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Positive Mental Health

Twirling can be strenuous ó especially when that baton sure seems adamant on bopping you on the head every time it falls down! Sometimes it can feel like the routine is just never going to come together. Youíre not alone. Itís important to understand that even professionals and champions donít just wake up incredible at what they do. Hours and hours of practice are needed in order to take home the gold! However, itís not only your physical body that needs to be trained and conditioned ó itís also your mental state! Keeping your head in the game is the difference between catching that baton perfectly or letting it swing down and landing on your poor nose. Take the time to mentally prepare yourself by making sure all of your obligations around twirling are tied up and not leaving you anxious while performing. Though you should dedicate plenty of time to the sport, giving your body an adequate amount of rest will bolster your ability to concentrate better the next time you pick up the bat

Posted: 2/6/2019

Preparing To Twirl At Home

Now youíre a twirler, but training doesnít stop once you leave the studio. Talent must be nurtured ó even at home. With a little extra effort put in to make sure your mind and body are prepared for the intricacy of the choreography, youíre bound to ace that next performance! Eating well is the first and foremost basic of keeping your body balanced throughout the day. While treating yourself to fast food after a strenuous day sounds very tempting, the high levels of fat and salt will deplete your energy faster and essentially undo your efforts to remain fit. Opting to trade salty snacks for vitamin and protein-strong substitutes will keep your body happy and ready to tackle the day. Sleep plentifully; a comfortable 8 to 10 hours of sleep has proven to boost athletesí abilities. If time is an issue, a nap after eating, in addition to sleeping at night, can improve brain activity ó and itís important to stay sharp when searching for where that baton is falling! Itís recommended that you t

Posted: 1/23/2019

Fire Dancing 101

We all know that scene in Lilo and Stitch where David steps on the stage during the luau and begins to twirl fire. To a little kid, the act of spinning fire around as you dance seems incomprehensible. Fire dancing was established hundreds of years ago by the people in Polynesia, and itís something thatís still commonly practiced today. If youíre looking to take your baton twirling skills to the next level, fire dancing might be the perfect challenge for you. Safety is the most important skill a fire dancer can have. They need to know how to properly handle the baton and make sure to keep the baton moving. If you do stop, make sure the baton is horizontal. If itís vertical, you risk the fire crawling up the baton and onto your arm. When tossing or twirling the baton, make sure to grip the middle. The ends are, unsurprisingly, hot to the touch. If youíve just started fire dancing, practice with your baton unlit. This will help you get a feel for the weight and movement of your bat

Posted: 1/9/2019

Gifts for Your Twirler

Struggling when it comes to gift ideas for the twirler in your life? Check out our gift giving guide! From batons to cases to tape and power, weíve got your go-to for gifts. Batons: Get your twirler a baby baton! This souvenir baton is 10 inches and comes in eight different patterns. Keep it classic with standard chrome or make it funky with a zebra pattern. Baton Components: Everyone loves new accessories for their baton! Stick with the common top to keep it classic, or try the star ball for something more fun. Baton Cases: Help your twirler carry their baton in style. With sparkle cases, neon cases, and shoulder straps, thereís sure to be a case that fits their personality. Novelty Batons and Parts: With colored cartridges, fire batons, and hoop batons, youíll be able to find something fun that the twirler in your life will love. Flags, Flag Shafts, and Poles: Give your twirler new flags to practice with! We offer a variety of colors, including blue, red, purple, green

Posted: 12/19/2018

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