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Measuring Your Baton

Just like a golf club or field hockey stick, your baton needs to be properly sized. Whether itís for a competition or youíre practicing your basics, the right sizes baton can make all the difference. To find your correct measurements, you need to measure both your arm span and height. First, have the baton twirler stand straight with the arms out and parallel to the floor. Then, using a tape measure, measure from the base of the neck, above the shoulder, to the end of the middle finger. If your measurement is not a round number, round up. At Starline Baton, we offer batons in lengths from 14 to 32 inches. If youíre looking to buy a baton as a surprise, you can make a good guess on what size to buy based on the baton twirlerís age: Ages 1 to 4: 18 inches Ages 5 to 7: 20 inches Ages 8 to 10: 22 inches Ages 11 to 12: 24 inches Ages 13 and 14: 26 inches Ages 15 and up: 28 inches At Starline Baton, we offer easy returns. To learn more about our products, visit our website or giv

Posted: 5/20/2020

Conquering Stage Fright

When youíre ten minutes from stepping into the spotlight, you want to feel strong, confident, and ready. But no matter how well-rehearsed any of us are, we all deal with stage fright. Itís fairly common to experience anxiety before a big show. But luckily, stage fright is easy to overcome! Practice makes perfect: Rehearse! Sometimes it is as simple as a little practice. If you know the routine inside and out, you donít need to worry about forgetting it in the moment. Be sure to attend any scheduled rehearsals and continue to practice at home. Once the spotlight is on you, youíll be confident you know your moves! Imagine the show: Imagining what the show will be like can help calm your nerves. If youíre feeling anxious, simply close your eyes and picture the music, the stage, your routine, and, most importantly, the cheering audience! Imagine yourself flawlessly executing your routine. When it comes time for the real thing, youíll be ready. Improvise: Letís get real ó everyone

Posted: 5/6/2020

Succeeding in Baton Twirling

While baton twirling is a demanding sport, some donít see it that way. However, despite common misconceptions, it requires hard work and dedication to succeed in baton twirling; you cannot simply pick up a baton and be an expert. Hereís what you should keep in mind when baton twirling: Practice Thereís a reason ďpractice makes perfectĒ is a common saying. It takes skill and dedication to grow in a sport. Thereís no better way to succeed than by practicing every day. Even if itís just for 15 minutes a day, it counts! Preparation Whether itís making sure you have all of the necessary equipment or that you are both physically and mentally prepared, preparation is crucial to your baton twirling success. Always be sure to listen to your body and rest when you need to. Be rested before competitions, and most importantly, donít forget your baton! Have Fun Like anything you dedicate your time to, itís important to have fun! You need to be interested in what youíre doing. You need

Posted: 4/22/2020

How to Tape Your Flag

Knowing how to tape your flag is one of the most important things that you should learn as a color guard member. Taping is a safeguard that can keep your flag from falling off during practice or even a performance. Step 1: Before you start to tape your flag, don't forget to remove the old tape as much as you possibly can. When all the old tape is off, you are ready to begin taping your flag. Step 2: The tip of the flag is known as a crutch tip; it is crucial that you pay extra care and attention to it when you tape it. Make sure that the crutch tip looks clean and is void of any gaps or loose tape. If you don't ensure that the tape is tightly sticking to your pole, it might start to come off during your practices. Step 3: Once you are ready, make sure in this next step that your silk doesn't wrinkle as you tape the pole. Begin by placing the crutch tip back in your pole and begin to tape the crutch tip to the pole. Be careful to not accidentally tape the silk

Posted: 4/8/2020

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