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Bible Verses to Inspire Praise Dancing

Worship or praise dance helps artists express their love for God, and inspiration can be found in many places. The world can be a difficult place to find motivation for praise dancing. One of the best places to look is the Bible. Here are a few Bible verses that can inspire you to get up and dance. ďThou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;Ē Psalm 30:11 When youíre feeling down, you may be tempted to dwell on that feeling. However, sometimes itís best to turn to God. Reflect on how you feel, and you may find the answer in self expression through dance. Art has healing powers, and dance has the power to mentally and physically heal. ďO worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: dance before him, all the earth.Ē Psalm 96:9 If youíre looking for motivation, look no further than the beauty of everything the Lord has made. The world is a beautiful place, and it would be even more beautiful if everyone could e

Posted: 7/23/2021

Essential Items for a Praise Dance Starter Kit

Dance ministry is one of many ways to praise the Lord for what he does for us. When you decide to dive into the world of praise and worship dance, you may be intimidated at first. There are so many types of dance moves, costumes and flags these talented dancers use to show their devotion. Star Line Baton has almost everything you need to get started. Flags The shining star of praise dance routines are the flags. They add flashy colors and extend the artistic dance expression past the bodies of the dancers. At Star Line Baton, we sell everything you need to create your perfect flag. We sell shafts, tape, ribbons, silk flags and even the flag shaft balls and tips. Create your own custom flags to bring another level of class to your performances. Cases You didnít think you were going to carry that flag without a case, did you? Like our broad collection of flag pieces, we offer a variety of carrying cases. We offer anything from neon and sparkle cases to plain black, deluxe profess

Posted: 7/9/2021

5 Different Types of Spiritual Dance

Dancing in church is a controversial subject between sects of Christianity. In some churches, itís a way to express your love for God. In others, itís unacceptable. Among other major world religions, spiritual dance is a deeply personal experience. Here are five different kinds of spiritual dance. Ecstatic Trance Dance Inspired by Shiva, the third god in the Hindu triumvirate, this style of unchoreographed dance combines elements of meditation and dancing. Dancers either close their eyes or wear blindfolds, dancing until their only focus is on the dance itself. The idea is to remove the ego from the experience through repetitive movements and breath. Shamanic Dance Like ecstatic trance dance, this type of dance is done while blindfolded. However, it is often done to the beat of a drum from evening until sunset. Dancers move in a circle around a fire with a chief as their guide. This is said to promote healing, transformation and self discovery. Shamanic dance is also ancient i

Posted: 6/18/2021

How Color Guard Adapted During the Pandemic

Performing in color guard typically involves close contact and rigorous mandatory practice. When the pandemic hit, color guard came to a halt, then as some schools reopened, came back with major changes. Marching band and color guard coaches have new considerations to take into account, but they still do everything they can to make sure the show goes on. Hereís how some schools have adapted. Socially Distanced Practice When school marching bands started to hold in-person practices and performances again, schools like New Bedford High School in Massachusetts socially distanced the performers. Spread out along the marching band field and parking lot, students from color guard practiced in one corner, while the instrumentalists were off in their own areas, all six feet or more apart. Rehearsals also became optional, and in this marching band, only 1/7 of the students showed up to some of the rehearsals. Safety Protocols Color guard teams like the one at Osceola Fundamental High S

Posted: 6/4/2021

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