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Medal-Winning US Baton Twirlers

Baton twirling is more than just a fun skill to show off to your friends. It’s a serious sport that allows twirlers to compete with other athletes from around the world. Our country has produced some great baton twirlers, many of whom win medals in international competitions. Kylee Saltzman of Florida won a gold medal in 2019 at the World Baton Twirling Federation’s Grand Prix. In her two-baton routine, she did not drop either baton once. Kylee often drops her baton while practicing, but she made sure not to let it fall when her dream was on the line. She also won silver and bronze medals at the International Cup in France the same year. The most nerve wracking performance for her, however, was twirling in front of her peers as a high school majorette. Kylee’s mother, Amanda, is also a baton twirler who coaches a girls’ twirling team in Niceville. She brought Kylee to classes as a baby, then encouraged her to pursue twirling herself. Laney Puhalla from Tennessee won a gold medal

Posted: 4/23/2021

How to Become a Baton Twirling Coach

If your passion for baton twirling started when you were a child and continues well into your adult life, consider being a baton twirling coach. Whether online or in person, teaching gives you an opportunity to influence the next generation of twirlers and show them the wonderful world you’ve found yourself in. In the US, the best way to become a twirling instructor is by getting certified with the United States Twirling Association. USTA welcomes anyone 16 years of age or older to take their coach and judge training classes. To reach a Level I certification, you have to take a test. First, you need to join the association and pay dues. Then, find the free study materials that are available on their website. You can also buy study guides and training DVDs on their website to prepare for the test. The association recommends studying as many of these materials as possible before taking the Coach Level I exam. For a Level II certification, all you need to do is complete Level I, g

Posted: 4/9/2021

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