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How to Choose the Right Baton

Choosing the right baton is crucial to improving your twirling game. Batons come in many different shapes, sizes, and textures, and it can be tricky finding the perfect fit. Star Line Baton is known around the world for producing the best batons on the market, and we’re here to help you pick out your very own. Size The first thing a twirler must do before choosing a new baton is deciding on the size. The easiest way to find the right size is to measure the length of your arm with measuring tape, then find a baton that’s the closest to the length of your arm. Weight and Shape The shape of your baton, and its rubber end, can change the way you throw and twirl. The Superstar baton is the most popular around the world, and it can be identified by its star rubber end. This baton can be for any twirler looking to be recognized for their skills. The Lite Star is a lighter baton crafted to provide remarkable controllability, with a simple round rubber end. If you’re a beginner, the Starlet baton is the perfect baton to start out twirling because of its simple shape, and classic round rubber end. The Venus baton takes it up a notch with a rubber star design going around the rubber end and hammered dimples in the shaft for maximum grip. The Venus is great for twirlers of any skill level who wants a uniquely shaped and designed baton. All batons can come in a either thicker size shaft (7/16 of an inch) or a thinner size (⅜ of an inch). Texture Textured batons are known for allowing the twirler to grip with more ease, and sometimes, to add a little sparkle to the move. The basic, smooth texture is available on all batons to provide that classic feeling. Fluted batons have a small rectangular divot on the shaft, letting you feel where you’re gripping as you twirl. The Comet baton features dimples on the shaft, making it even easier to gauge your hand placement as you go through the movements. Lastly, the Venus baton has hammered dimples, which are even smaller and made to catch the light and glimmer as it’s twirled. Lumina V2 To make the biggest impression and completely wow your audience, you might be interested in the Lumina V2 Twirl baton that shines brighter than all. The Lumina V2 has LED lights placed on both ends of the baton, and it is weighted on both ends to create the most swirl potential. The LED lights come with over thirty different settings, to constantly keep surprising the crowd. The smooth shaft paired with the lights is great for all kinds of twirlers who want to make their best impression. Take your twirling to the next level by watching your baton come to life with the Lumina V2. Whether you’re just starting out, a professional, or need a shiny new baton for any occasion, Star Line Baton has the best quality and selection of batons you can find. If you have any questions or need more information, call us at 931-528-7829

Posted: 10/7/2020

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