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Conquering Stage Fright

When you’re ten minutes from stepping into the spotlight, you want to feel strong, confident, and ready. But no matter how well-rehearsed any of us are, we all deal with stage fright. It’s fairly common to experience anxiety before a big show. But luckily, stage fright is easy to overcome! Practice makes perfect: Rehearse! Sometimes it is as simple as a little practice. If you know the routine inside and out, you don’t need to worry about forgetting it in the moment. Be sure to attend any scheduled rehearsals and continue to practice at home. Once the spotlight is on you, you’ll be confident you know your moves! Imagine the show: Imagining what the show will be like can help calm your nerves. If you’re feeling anxious, simply close your eyes and picture the music, the stage, your routine, and, most importantly, the cheering audience! Imagine yourself flawlessly executing your routine. When it comes time for the real thing, you’ll be ready. Improvise: Let’s get real — everyone makes mistakes. But your audience doesn’t know your routine. If you make a mistake, keep smiling and keep moving. The audience will never know! Be energetic: Your nervous energy doesn’t need to be paralyzing. Use that sudden rush of adrenaline in your performance by treating it as excitement and putting on an energetic show! While it may seem paralyzing, stage fright is part of performing. With these tips, you can be confident you’ll ace your routine. For additional tips of performance, visit our blog. For any baton twirling surprise, give us a call at (931) 528-7829.

Posted: 5/6/2020

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