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Archive for March, 2020

Succeeding in Colorguard

After you pass tryouts and become an official Color Guard member, the few next steps arenít so easy. Color guard is more than just tossing flags, and by now you probably know that. The mental and physical strength that it requires can be overwhelming at times, but there's no need to fret. Now that you are a member, it's time for you to shine. To do so, focus on a few key things and catching your flag will be as easy as the ABCís. It's all about your endurance. Start by working out, you can try doing some laps around your school or even swimming. Working out will not only get you in better shape but also build up all the endurance youíll need during shows and practices. Proper technique is key. Once you memorize your routine, donít assume that you have got it all down. Your performance is all about your technique, so don't hesitate to practice bit-by-bit every day. Once you have your flag or rifle tossing technique down, you will be an unstoppable force. Go to

Posted: 3/18/2020

Yes, Baton Twirling Is a Sport

Being told that baton twirling isnít a sport is like being told the sky isnít blue. People tend to assume that traditional sports are the only things that count as ďrealĒ sports, but such thinking is irrational for a few simple reasons. Baton twirling is more than throwing a stick in the air; it is an activity that combines elements of gymnastics, juggling, and dance, making it indisputably athletic. There is a mix of rigorous conditioning and coordination training that baton twirling athletes have to go through. Baton twirlers, like in any other sport, go on to compete in competitions as high as World Championships. People tend to believe that a sport must be an activity that only involves extreme physical exertion such as, football, soccer, and tennis. However, a sport must also be comprised of individuals that use their skills to compete against another or others. Automatically making any and all accusations against baton twirling being a sport invalid, as this definition encompasse

Posted: 3/4/2020

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