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Archive for June, 2020

Why You Should Start Baton Twirling at a Young Age

Baton twirling is an extraordinary art for all. Although, it can be particularly advantageous to children. For children, baton twirling encourages them to practice mindfulness, hand-eye coordination, and other skills. Baton twirling teaches kids to work as an individual as well as in a group, which is very useful for their future. By taking an interest in the art of baton twirling, children learn to create quality performances which will lead to a positive perception of their confidence. Since baton twirling is unique, it can show you a few unique things. For example, how liberating it is to stand out and be different. It has been proven that being a part of a sport helps communication skills and problem-solving. Baton twirling is also a natural stress reliever and will boost serotonin. This art will also help develop healthy lifestyle habits, as well being a fun hobby to enjoy. After reading that you may wonder how to get into baton twirling! Once you decide on baton twirling, you nee

Posted: 6/24/2020

Equality in Baton Twirling

Unfortunately, being a majorette has been stereotyped to be just for women. In the history of baton twirling, it is pretty unknown in the sense of where it truly started and who really started it. Although we do know it was women who brought baton twirling to light, they were not the ones who started it. This leads to a misconception of baton twirling being for women and not for men, but that is completely false. Although it is viewed as an unusual pursuit for boys, baton twirling is for everyone. Baton twirling was used during World War II with men in the military, except they had metal ends rather than rubber. There have been men that have claimed they have disappeared from baton twirling after the increased glitz, glamor, and lightness associated with it, but this does not need to be the case. Numerically fewer than 100 baton twirlers are men, but it should not be this way. Baton twirling is an exhilarating exercise and a great opportunity for all. It should not be constricted to on

Posted: 6/10/2020

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