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Your Baton Size Matters: How To Measure for the Correct Size Baton

There will always be steps to take and equipment to purchase before you even begin training for any sport. Baton Twirling is certainly no different. However, there seems to be one step that is often overlooked by newcomers to Baton Twirling, and that is being correctly fitted for your twirling baton. Having the correct size baton for twirling will make a big difference in handling, and visual effect. A baton that is too long will be more difficult to handle, and one that is too short may look awkward during a performance. How To Order the Right Baton Size The best way to get the correct size baton is to measure. Have the twirler stand perfectly straight, and measure from the base of their neck (where the neck meets the shoulder), out to the tip of the middle finger. If the length of the measurement is closer to the half-inch mark, then you want to round up in baton size. For example, if your measurement comes to 24 ˝” order a 25” baton. If for some reason you are unable to measure the person who will be using the baton, you can base the baton size on the age of the user. Age 1-4: 18 inches (45 cms) Age 5-7 - 20 inches (51 cms) Age 8-10 - 22 inches (56 cms) Age 11-12 - 24 inches (61 cms) Age 13-14 - 26 inches (66 cms) Age 15+ - 28 inches (71 cms) This will not be the most accurate way to get the correct size baton, so remember to keep the packaging that your baton comes with to exchange for the right size if needed. Finally, be sure to consult with your baton student’s coach for the best information on where to begin. Once you have your measurements, visit us online to shop our wide range of batons.

Posted: 1/22/2020

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