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How Baton Twirling Makes You Powerful

You’re not like the rest of your classmates — you wake up early every morning and practice, practice, practice. You go to school and all you can think about is how you need to nail that specific move during practice. Understandably, being a baton twirler isn't easy, but it does make you stronger. Research shows that baton twirling helps you develop better self-confidence, positive self-esteem, goal-setting skills, and time management skills that you otherwise wouldn’t have learned. Others might just see you as someone just throwing a stick into the air, but we both know there's more to it than that. But How Does It Make Me Powerful? Being a twirler requires you to be strong, not only physically but mentally. While you are throwing your baton in the air, you are also required to perform artistic gymnastic choreography and still be able to catch the baton with perfect timing. This ability to perform under stressful situations and multitask so efficiently shows the power that you as a baton twirler are slowly gaining. Being powerful doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be Superman, but it does mean that you will forever have an advantage in life over others. So be proud of yourself, you are doing amazing things that will only keep benefiting you in life. Keep your head held high and show off the power you have gained through baton twirling. Be proud of your accomplishments and display it to the world may it be via merchandise from our Star Line Baton Website, social media, or even to your friends.

Posted: 2/5/2020

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