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Archive for September, 2019

The History of Men in Color Guard

In years past, color guard was reserved as a sport for female athletes only at many high schools. But things change. Today, dozens of teams in the Florida Federation of Color Guard Circuit have boys on their squads. In the history of Winter Guard International (WGI), the Midwestern team of the Cavaliers impressed crowds in the late 1970s with an all-male squad. In the years that followed, many teams began including men in their squads. South Shore, for instance, was an all-male team until almost 1990, when it merged with its sister team, the Ladies of South Shore. From there on out, the company has alternated between all-male, all-female, and co-ed squads for various performances. By the time 1997 rolled around, the Pride of Cincinnati put together an all-male team and was able to secure big wins in the early 2000s. Another notable team was Northern Lights, who secured wins for a couple of years with an all-male team. WGI didnít see another world-class all-male company perform until 20

Posted: 9/18/2019

Staying Active in the Off-Season

Picture this: itís the off-season. There is no baton practice, your friends are on vacation, and all youíve done is relax with lazy days. But not having practice doesnít mean you have to stay inactive. There are so many activities to help keep you in shape to prepare for baton season. Running is an excellent way to train your cardiovascular system. It boosts your focus, breathing, and endurance. This shapes the way your mind and body interact, which is an important component of baton twirling. Hitting the gym is a perfect way to strengthen muscles that you wouldnít normally use when twirling, and it's also an opportunity to focus on specific muscles that are essential in your twirling practice. The gym provides a variety of different machines, bars, dumbbells and more, but donít get intimidated! Try working on the core muscle groups like legs, arms, and shoulders. Forearm and shoulders exercises can improve your tossing and catching of batons, as those muscles are important for thr

Posted: 9/4/2019

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