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How To Dazzle Your Audience

All baton twirlers know how important it is the dazzle everyone with their smiles during a performance. They also know how important it is to dazzle everyone with their costumes! Baton twirling costumes are always fun and full of sparkles! Those costumes canít rhinestone themselves though! Whoever rhinestones costumes, knows how much time, effort, and precision goes into putting each individual rhinestone on takes. They also know that rhinestones make the costume way more expensive than it was to begin with. Is it worth it? Just for sparkles? Obviously! To rhinestone your costume, all you need are the color and size of rhinestones you want, a design for the costume, fabric glue, and a lot of patience. A great place to order your rhinestones from is DreamTime Creations. They have various sizes and colors to choose from, so you are bound to find the perfect fit for your baton twirling costume! They also sell glue, but you can always find fabric glue at your local craft store. Rhinestonin

Posted: 5/22/2019

Fun Activities To Stay Fit

Just because youíre a baton twirler doesnít mean you need to keep your exercising in the studio or gym! Add some variety to your routine to keep things fun and motivating. There are plenty of other ways you can make sure your fitness is kept in check for when it is time to pick up the baton. Pick activities that will benefit your core, arm, and leg strength, while leaving your hands free of potentially getting harmed. You donít want to catch that baton with a cramped palm! Head to a place with trampolines on the floors and walls. This is a great (and fun!) way to activate your legs and core without you even realizing it. Youíll be having too much fun bouncing around to realize that youíre actually getting in quite an intense workout. For a change of pace, take your friends and family to the beach and go swimming. Not only will you be working hard against the waves, but the salt water actually does a great job in keeping your skin hydrated and cool. Donít forget to drink plenty of water

Posted: 5/8/2019

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