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Archive for March, 2019

Music In Baton Twirling

Listen to how the music pauses in anticipation as the baton lands back in the twirler’s hand, or the way the beat pops at every pronounced step. Music is to twirling what butter is to popcorn— that essential addition that brings it all together as a proper duo. Picking the right music for the message you’re trying to convey, whether it’s “look at me!” or “sit back and be mesmerized,” should be just as important as the steps themselves. Consider what suits you most and what matches your current twirling level. Something too fast is bound to be difficult to keep up with if you’re just starting out. However, something too slow might not captivate your audience as much. Gage your audience; twirl to popular music to get the crowd on their feet. During marching routines, rely on a strong beat to get everyone’s blood pumping. When competing, make sure that a song is chosen that has plenty of opportune moments where your twirling tricks can be performed. Have a well-paced rhythm and beat that

Posted: 3/20/2019

Benefits of Color Guard

Being a part of a team is awesome — there's no doubt about it! Getting involved is a fun and rewarding way to take a break from sitting in a classroom all day. In high school, color guard is a great way to get involved and build favorable skills. You become part of a community that is focused on achieving the same goals, and you learn how to be a team player in order to achieve that goal. Strong communication skills are needed in order to work well within the color guard community, and this skill will be of major benefit in all aspects of your life. Color guard teaches commitment and perseverance. Through constant practices and trial and error, you learn the importance of staying committed to achieving your end goal. Creative problem solving is used to overcome obstacles and work towards goals. Self-confidence is built through these constant trial and error, and this will help encourage you to try new things in life. Physical benefits also come into play when joining color guard. T

Posted: 3/6/2019

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