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Picking Quality Baton Twirling Gear

Thereís not much gear required for baton twirling, but the things you do need should be of top quality. Two of these items are baton twirling shoes and the baton itself. Finding the right shoes for baton twirling is important. You spend the entire time you practice as well as perform on your feet. During this time on your feet, you walk, sprint, bounce, jump, spin, twirl, and kick. Make sure you have the appropriate shoes so you can perform your best. We recommend getting InStep shoes for your baton twirling needs. They come in different colors to fit your style. The reason InStep shoes are a perfect fit for twirling is because they are lightweight and ultra flexible with a great toe point all while offering great support. When performing high energy routines, itís important to have non-slip shoes. InStep shoes are both non-slip and non-stick. They are also conveniently washable as theyíre made with leather bands on canvas. All of these things make InStep shoes perfect for not only baton twirling, but also for cheerleaders, dance teams, majorettes, drill instructors, and flag corps. Finding a baton that is of top quality is crucial for performing your best. This means buying a baton that is proper length, made with the right materials, and weighs the right amount for you. You should always measure a baton before purchasing to make sure itís the right length. The proper length is from the top of your shoulder to the tip of your middle finger. The baton you purchase should also be of a weight comfortable to you - everyone has a different preference. Buying a baton with inert rubber on the ends can be extremely helpful during practice; this makes sure the baton stays in place when dropped. You can also get fun with it by purchasing different patterns for your baton. Star Line Baton offers patterns from leopard print to pink camo.

Posted: 5/11/2018

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