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How to Measure Your Correct Baton Length

Choosing the correct baton length is crucial for success! If your baton is too short, it will be difficult to handle and create an awkward appearance. If your baton is too long, it can end up hitting your body (and that can really hurt). The perfect length will make your performance look effortless and smooth. Batons tend to be between the sizes of 14 and 32 inches. This wide variety of sizes makes it easy to find your right fit. How can you do this? Grab a friend to help! Ask your friend to use a tape measure to measure the length from the top of your shoulder to the tip of your middle finger. Make sure youíre standing straight up with your arm straight out. The length between these two spots is your ideal baton length. If you cannot find a baton to match the exact length of your shoulder to middle finger, itís okay to size up. Itís better to have a longer baton than a shorter one - and you could always grow into it! If you donít have a tape measure or someone to help, or youíre purchasing a baton as a surprise gift for someone else, you can follow these guidelines for estimated length for each age group: Ages 1-4: 18 inches Ages 5-7: 20 inches Ages 8-10: 22 inches Ages 11-12: 24 inches Ages 13-14: 26 inches Ages 15 and up: 28 inches When buying a baton, keep measurement in mind. Having your baton at an appropriate length for your size can make practicing easier, cause less mistakes, and make your routine look smooth. Feel free to customize your baton with different colors and styles of balls and tips.

Posted: 5/22/2018

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