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National Baton Twirling Day is Almost Here

The day weíve all been waiting for is about to arrive- April 10th is World Baton Twirling Day! This is the perfect day to show your love and support for your favorite sport. What can you do to celebrate? Here are some great ideas to get involved: Reach out to social media! Tweet about your love of twirling on Twitter making sure to hashtag World Baton Twirling Day and post pictures of yourself from your last competition on facebook. And hereís exciting news! Thereís an official routine you can learn with all the other baton twirling lovers around the world. Post your video specifically for National Baton Twirling Day to Facebook and share it with your friends- it could even inspire someone to learn more about baton twirling or even try their hand at it. Learn the official routine for National Baton Twirling Day. Get a head start and learn the same routine all the baton twirling lovers are performing on this special day. Thereís even official music you can download to perform your routine to. Gear up! Make sure you have the necessities. Grab your tried-and-true baton or pick up a brand new one to flaunt from our store! There are many different styles to choose- from light-up batons, to batons with fun designs on the end like stars. Next, be sure to download the official World Baton Twirling Day music so you have it ready. The day before, lay out your outfit (donít forget your InStep shoes or boots!), and make sure your phone or video camera is fully charged the day of so you can share your routine with your friends. Donít forget to check out other baton twirling lovers on social media so you can support your fellow twirlers. Like, repost, and share the love. Happy twirling!

Posted: 3/26/2018

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