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Protect Yourself Baton Twirling

Are you new to baton twirling, or are you a veteran twirler? Starline Baton has great tips on how you can avoid injuries during practice and performances: Choose the Right Size Baton - Choosing the right size baton is key to performing well and keeping injuries down to a minimum. Get Out of the Way - As you start to practice, toss up the baton and quickly move out of the way, especially if you are new to baton twirling. Practice Outdoors - Wide open spaces and room is key to twirling baton. If you practice outside, you will have plenty of room to practice to help keep you free from injury. Know How to Catch the Baton - Keep your palm face up while twirling the baton as you toss it in the air. If you do this, the baton wonít land on your foot. Pick the Right Surface - Practice on a flat hard surface, and move your feet around. If you pick an uneven surface to practice on, like the yard, then you run the risk of spraining your ankle or hurting yourself. Keep Your Eye on the Prize - Watch the baton and keep your eye on the baton when you toss it. If you get distracted, you might drop the baton and injury yourself. Starline Baton offers batons, baton accessories, twirling shoes and much more for the baton twirler in your life. To learn more, browse our website.

Posted: 2/9/2018

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