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Archive for December, 2018

Gifts for Your Twirler

Struggling when it comes to gift ideas for the twirler in your life? Check out our gift giving guide! From batons to cases to tape and power, weíve got your go-to for gifts. Batons: Get your twirler a baby baton! This souvenir baton is 10 inches and comes in eight different patterns. Keep it classic with standard chrome or make it funky with a zebra pattern. Baton Components: Everyone loves new accessories for their baton! Stick with the common top to keep it classic, or try the star ball for something more fun. Baton Cases: Help your twirler carry their baton in style. With sparkle cases, neon cases, and shoulder straps, thereís sure to be a case that fits their personality. Novelty Batons and Parts: With colored cartridges, fire batons, and hoop batons, youíll be able to find something fun that the twirler in your life will love. Flags, Flag Shafts, and Poles: Give your twirler new flags to practice with! We offer a variety of colors, including blue, red, purple, green

Posted: 12/19/2018

Cheerleading Terms

Are cheerleading tryouts coming up? If youíre new to the sport, itís helpful to have knowledge of the basic terms often used in the sport. Back Handspring: This is a backward jump onto your hands, followed by a quick push from your hands to your feet. Base: A person/persons who remain on the ground when lifting a flyer into a stunt. Candlesticks: This is when you extend your arms out. Your fists should be facing each other like youíre holding a candle in each hand. Cradle catch: This is when a base catches the flyer after the flyer was tossed in the air. Dismount: When the flyer returns to the floor position after a stunt. Elevator: This involves two bases; they hold a different foot of one flyer at shoulder level. Extension: Baseís arms are fully extended, supporting the flyer. Flyer: The person lifted into the air to perform stunts. Mount: This is also known as a stunt; when someone is supported into the air. Spotter: The person who looks out for any

Posted: 12/11/2018

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