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Getting Started in the World of Baton Twirling

Interested in becoming a baton twirler? There are a couple things you need to know first. We’ve got some tips to help jumpstart your baton twirling passion. The first thing you’ll need when entering the world of baton twirling is, of course, a baton. There are many different styles and colors to choose from- there are even batons that light up when in use. The most important thing about picking out a baton is making sure the baton is the proper length. The proper size for a baton is the length from your armpit to your middle finger. After you have acquired a baton and are getting ready for your first baton twirling practice, make sure you have on comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in. You’ll be incorporating many different styles of movement throughout practice, including jazz, ballet, and gymnastics so flexible shoes are important. Another good idea is to put your hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of your face. You can decorate your hair with ribbons, or even mini pompoms for some added flair. It’s extremely important to wear comfortable shoes during practice and routines. You can purchase dance shoes including InStep shoes or official United Baton shoes to ‘step up’ your game. Once you start competitions you might want to upgrade to majorette boots to boost your routine. Once you have all the physical items you need to start baton twirling, consider thinking ahead by compiling your favorite songs to dance to so you’ll have a list when it’s time to choose your music for a new routine. It’s also smart to prepare your body for baton twirling as it can be physically demanding. Make sure to master wrist exercises, core-strengthening techniques, and work on your flexibility. You’ll be one step ahead if your strength and endurance are built up before your first class. You can stock up by visiting our site and picking up a baton, some baton twirling shoes, and other gear to show your love for the sport.

Posted: 4/4/2018

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