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Fire Baton Twirling

If youíre already a talented baton twirler you might be interested in branching out within the sport. One of the ways you can do this is through fire baton twirling. Fire baton twirling is not for the faint of heart, but itís a definite crowd pleaser and actually not as scary as it might sound. Fire baton twirling is for those already experienced in baton twirling and that have a good hold on the sport. Youíll need a fire baton in order to perform a fire baton twirling routine. These batons have special ends meant to catch on fire and hold a flame. When practicing and performing try not to drop your baton very often- the more you drop a fire baton the more the bolts that hold the wick together will loosen. Itís dangerous to perform with a loose wick, so when it starts to unravel, youíll need to purchase a new one. Another item youíll need to purchase is fuel. You can buy normal camping fuel to dip your baton ends in so you can light them on fire. Purchasing a baton twirling case is also crucial. These cases not only help you store and transport your fire baton, but they also put out the flame after performances. Simply place the fire baton inside the case and close the lid to extinguish. Be sure to grab a fire extinguisher to keep on hand for safety reasons. When you first start learning how to fire twirl, start with small flames and only one end of the baton lit. Make sure you practice with an experienced fire baton twirler. They can teach you proper safety techniques to prevent any accidents. When first practicing or performing for an audience, wear black. You will likely get soot on clothes, and black hides it the best. Make sure your clothes arenít loose and that your hair is tied up in a tight bun. We sell both fire batons and fire baton cases to help get you started in fire baton twirling. Let us know if you have any questions or need help picking out the proper gear.

Posted: 4/20/2018

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