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Important Information for Beginner Twirlers

There are several challenges that a new competitor may face when they enter the baton twirling arena. Itís nice to have an outline generated by someone who is experienced in the competitive twirling world. You can also ask your childís coach for information that you may need to familiarize yourself with this world, but itís important to not take too much time away from your childís lesson. Performing your own research can go a long way. The first step to entering the competitive twirling world is to get a good coach. If you look into your local twirling organization, they most likely will have several strong, informed coaches available to you that will offer a private lesson. When going through the coach selection process, let your child help in the decision-making process. The reason you should let your child help to make the decision is because of the following reasons: your child will be spending a significant amount of time with this individual. your child will be collaborating with his/her coach to choreograph a routine so the partnership is essential. your child will be receiving constructive criticism from the coach, and he/she will be more receptive if they respect the coach. The next step is to decide what to compete in because there are several events, and it can be difficult to choose. This should be a decision made by your child and his/her coach based on strength, interest, and comfort. There are some events that require a higher skill set, but itís always good to set a goal for the future as well. If you want more information on competitive twirling, visit the Starline Baton website.

Posted: 12/15/2017

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