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Why You Should Join Color Guard

Color guard is a sport that allows for individuals to perform in a choreographed dance ensemble while twirling the flag of a school, institution, or group. Everyone shares a collective passion for the art of color guard- and has an opportunity to meet new people and learn new dances while surrounded by their closest friends. For those who are not familiar with the sport of color guard, it provides a number of opportunities to participate in something new and improve your life overall. Pick Up Some Dance Moves The sport of color guard involves using dance moves to accompany the twirling of a baton or flag. Even if dance is not your strong suit, color guard’s dance moves allow you to learn the basics of dance while being able to express yourself. You will learn how to move your body in ways you never could before, and feel the connection with your teammates while you all dance as one. Make Long-Lasting Friendships The sport of color guard is performed synchronously as a team, so you are bound to make strong connections with your peers along the way. Making lifelong friendships is another benefit to joining color guard. By experiencing hardships and triumphs with your teammates, you will inevitably form significant bonds with them. One of the reasons color guard is so enjoyable is because of the people you meet and the friends you make along the way. Learn How to Work With a Team Since color guard is a sport, it’s only natural that through practicing with your ensemble you become experienced in working with a team. Teamwork is an important skill for many aspects of life besides just being a victorious color guard unit. The ability to collaborate and reach a collective goal with other individuals is an essential quality for being successful in the workplace, a family scenario, or any sort of group assignment. Improve Your Health Through all the twirling, dancing, and other movements required for participating in color guard, there is no question you will also get in shape. Since color guard promotes the movement of the body in many ways as well as manipulating a flag, it acts as a great form of exercise. Color guard is the opportunity to exercise for those who want to be more active. Your overall physical health will improve once you join color guard,as well as your emotional and mental health, because of the connections you will be making with other people you will be making. If you’re looking to get started in color guard and experience all of these awesome benefits, go to StarLineBaton.com for all of your color guard needs.

Posted: 11/10/2020

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