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Surviving Your First Year of Color Guard

So you’ve decided to join color guard. Maybe you saw the team performing at a football game or a competition, or perhaps you simply want to try something new. Whatever the reason, it is important that you understand this: You are now part of a team, and you have a responsibility to them. Joining color guard, as it is with any extracurricular, is a commitment. Be prepared to give this new venture your all. Before your audition, consider watching team practices and competitions to see what it is really like. If you decide it’s for you, then learn the basics before tryouts. You’re going to need to adapt to an active lifestyle. Believe it or not, color guard is a strenuous sport that involves dance, aerobics, and balance. Gain endurance by exercising, and doing things like swimming and jogging. Strengthen your wrists to avoid future injury or strain. Once on the team, it is essential that you go to practice. Even if those practices are over summer vacation. Your team is counting on you to be there. If you have their back, they will support you too. A team only functions smoothly when all members contribute evenly. When it’s finally time for your halftime show debut, remember to breathe. You’ve practiced for this. You’re ready for this. You got this. To learn more about color guard and how you can prepare for your first season, go online to Starline Baton, or call 931-528-7829.

Posted: 10/23/2019

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