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All About Winter Guard

Everyone has likely heard of Color Guard, but Winter Guard is also an awesome choice. This sport’s popularity is growing and spreading across the world. Interested in Winter Guard? Here’s some information about the sport: Winter Guard is performed in a gymnasium. It is a combination of cheerleading, dancing, and baton twirling (as well as other item maneuverings) all in one sport. Winter Guard has its own organization for those interested in the sport all over the world to join. They host competitions regularly. Winter guard teams require a lot of manpower. There are often multiple coaches that lead a team, a choreographer to help plan the moves, and team captains. Teams practice for months for five-minute performances. The timing is crucial during a performance, so teams have to practice setting up, tearing down, and performing in an efficient manner. Creative staging is often a big bonus during Winter Guard performances. Colorful tarps, imaginative backdrops, and other themed props are desired. Winter Guard combines both athletic skill and creativity. It is a true art form while being a sport. Music, props, vigorous dancing, kicks, and jumps, all combine into an effortless flow, making winter guard truly a sight to behold. Interested in Winter or Color Guard? We’ve got what you need to get started. Read our blog for tips and tricks, and check out our store for all the gear you’ll need to have a successful twirling journey!

Posted: 6/19/2018

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