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Dress to Impress With the Perfect Costume to Fit Your Routine

Selecting the perfect costume is essential to any competitor's success. The right costume can make or break your routine and create a lasting impression in the minds of the judges and audience. If you mostly twirl in the marching band, you donít have that much liberty when choosing a costume, but if you compete, youíll have to help choose the right costume.

Before you start thinking of themes, designs, and color choices, you have to think of the best cut to fit your routine and its tricks. For example, a skirt has the potential to interfere with low baton movements, leaps, and certain acrobatic moves. To give you the best idea of each costume cut, here is a list of popular uniform styles and cuts:

  • Boy-Cut Leotards. A boy-cut leotard is functional and comfortable. It has the sleek and athletic cut of a traditional leotard but with boy shorts. The look of this uniform is very versatile and age-appropriate for young and seasoned twirlers alike. A boy-cut leo is perfect for an athletic and trick-heavy routine thatís fast paced and fun.
  • Tunic Dress Costume. The tunic dress is elegant, dynamic, and regal. This cut is more traditional to the sport of baton twirling. More modernized tunic dresses have cut-outs or embellishments added to the hem of the skirt. These are perfect for a graceful, effortless, show-stopping routine.
  • Two Piece Costume. This is a sassy and modernized take on twirling costumes. Traditional twirling costumes are one piece; however, this modernized cut is memorable and perfect for routines that are fierce and sultry. Most two piece costumes are composed of a skirt and a shell top, paired with plenty of attitude and stage energy.

Itís always important to choose a style thatíll complement your routine and your choreographed movements. Also, take into consideration the age, size, and shape of each twirler on the squad if youíre selecting a uniform for a group.

Now that youíve figured out your style and cut, itís time for the fun part: customization. Let your imagination run wild as you choose color pallets, intriguing patterns, accessories, and a heavy dose of rhinestones! Make your costume the most memorable one of the day with plenty of well-thought-out accents and accessories. If youíre looking for additional information on twirling, browse through our blogs. For all the latest twirling supplies, for both seasoned and novice twirlers, contact Star Line Baton at (931) 528-7829 today.

Posted: 11/10/2014

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