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Benefits of Color Guard

Being a part of a team is awesome ó there's no doubt about it! Getting involved is a fun and rewarding way to take a break from sitting in a classroom all day. In high school, color guard is a great way to get involved and build favorable skills. You become part of a community that is focused on achieving the same goals, and you learn how to be a team player in order to achieve that goal. Strong communication skills are needed in order to work well within the color guard community, and this skill will be of major benefit in all aspects of your life. Color guard teaches commitment and perseverance. Through constant practices and trial and error, you learn the importance of staying committed to achieving your end goal. Creative problem solving is used to overcome obstacles and work towards goals. Self-confidence is built through these constant trial and error, and this will help encourage you to try new things in life. Physical benefits also come into play when joining color guard. The long practices help keep you in shape while building stamina and endurance. By using props during performances, muscles are formed and strengthened. The use of props also helps strengthen multi-tasking abilities; you have to incorporate dancing and prop use into one performance. Dancing is a huge part of color guard, incorporating high jumps and kicks into the routine that require some form of flexibility. With some practice and repetition, enhanced flexibility can be obtained during your time on color guard. Whether youíre looking to involve yourself with a team, build your self-confidence, or strengthen your physical abilities, color guard is a great place to start.

Posted: 3/6/2019

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