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Cheerleading Tryouts 101

As anyone who participates in the world of cheerleading will tell you, itís a very competitive sport that requires dedication and focus. If youíre considering trying out for cheerleading, itís important that you think ahead ó from what you should do the night before to the day of. When you learn the routines, practice them in front of a mirror when you get home to make sure your motion placement is correct. Show your routine to your family or a friend and listen to their feedback! The night before your tryouts, itís essential to be well rested. Lack of sleep can affect your performance or lead to an injury. Cheerleading is a physically demanding sport that can take a toll on the body if not properly maintained. Before tryouts, take a minute to make sure youíre in accordance with the dress code and that your clothing is appropriate ó it does affect your score. If given a tryout number, make sure itís visible on your outfit. Itís also important to have your hair pulled back into a ponytail as this allows the judges a better view of your profile. Take your time learning the tryout routine, and when it comes to your performance, try not to rush. Smile and keep eye contact throughout your performance, and remember to stay confident. Self-doubt can be an eliminating factor. If you mess up, thatís okay! The goal is to push through and keep a positive mental attitude. As a cheerleader, attitude is everything, and judges make note of this. Keep your voice at a moderate level, and enunciate each word loud and clear. Make sure you understanding how the judges are scoring you and donít be afraid to ask questions.

Posted: 11/29/2018

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