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Safety Tips for Fire Baton Twirling Performers

Baton twirling shows can be impressive on their own, but adding fire brings them to another level. Fire spinning adds an exciting element to this sport, one that can be dangerous if safety precautions are not taken ahead of time. Here’s how we recommend staying safe as a fire baton twirler: Maintain Your Baton When you’re playing with fire, a lot can go wrong very quickly. Checking your equipment before and during a performance is vital to your safety and the safety of those around you. See if your equipment has wear and tear beyond safe levels. Look or feel for cracks and tears. The best way to stay safe in fire baton twirling is to make sure your equipment can handle the task before using it. Dress for Safety The fabrics you wear during a fire performance can be the difference between being safe and causing injury to yourself and others. Choose natural fabrics and cloth, staying away from synthetic materials, which are often more prone to catching fire or melting. Leather can help keep you safe from burns. Test your costume before wearing it to perform, making sure you can move freely and that it really is fire safe. Mind Your Hair No one likes the smell of burning hair, especially when it’s on your own head. Hair catching fire is a real risk when you’re putting on a fire show. If you have long hair, wrap it up, keeping as much of it near your head as possible. Consider putting your hair under a hat to eliminate the risk of it catching fire. You may want to wet your hair with water before the show, lessening the risk even more. Stay away from hair sprays and hair dye, which are often flammable, even if they’re not labeled that way. Practice, But Not Alone The more you can practice before participating in a fire baton twirling performance, the better off you will be. Start by practicing the routine without fire. When you’re ready to incorporate the fire, you’ll need to bring someone with you to your practices. Ideally, this person will know what you’re doing in the routine and have a working knowledge of fire safety and what to do if something goes wrong. They should have equipment like a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket or a damp towel ready at all times in case something goes wrong. Plan the Location of the Dipping Station Make sure your fuel dipping station is placed away from the audience and the stage and clearly marked. Practice using the dipping station beforehand to ensure you can do so safely. Know the ins and outs of the type of fuel you’re using well before the show. The more you know, the easier it will be to stay safe and keep the audience safe, as well. Extinguish the Flames Rather than waiting for flames to go out on their own, you should extinguish them yourself between routines. This will extend the life of the wick on your fire baton. Typically you can extinguish flames by blowing them out. Make sure to blow from the base of the baton upwards toward the fame. Alternatively, your assistant can put out the flame using a fire blanket or a damp towel. If you’re looking to get into fire baton twirling, Star Line Baton has you covered. Ask us about our fire batons by giving us a call at 931-528-7829 or browse our website.

Posted: 11/18/2022

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