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How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts

Preparing for cheerleading tryouts can be exciting and nerve-wracking. The day finally comes, you’re ready to put everything you have practiced into the spotlight, and you hope to do great because you want to be a part of a team. However, there are some things you must consider when preparing for tryouts. It’s important to do some research and know what to do before committing to a team that sets an example for a school or organization. Here are a few tips on how to prepare. Be Confident and Excited When it comes to trying out cheerleading, it is always important to have a great first impression on the judges. Show them how excited you are so they’ll have an idea of the positive spirit you have. They may judge you based on your routine and the moves you are going to show them, but they also look for people who are high-spirited and confident. Cheerleading is about always showing energy and enthusiasm when competing, supporting, and going to other events. Therefore, you need to make s

Posted: 8/24/2022

Baton Twirling Routine

There are certain basic aspects to every baton routine, whether you are a beginner or an advanced twirler. For example, every routine begins with a salute to the judge. The salute is executed by holding the baton in the right hand with the baton held vertical against the left side of the body. The right hand holds the baton about one-third of the way down from the head of the baton and the right elbow points outward, while the left hand is placed on the twirler's hip. A salute shows the judge that you are ready to begin your routine.

A baton twirling routine should flow smoothly and include tricks according to the skill level of the twirler. Some very common baton tricks include finger twirls, cradles, elbow rolls, open-handed tosses, back hand catches, horizontal spins, thumb flips, and figure-eights. With practice, a twirler's skill level will improve and they will soon be able to learn more advanced tricks, as well as more difficult variations of the tricks they already know.

Posted: 7/13/2017

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