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Baton Twirling: What Does it Take?

One major misconception others have about baton twirling is that itís easy to do. This could not be further from the truth. Baton twirling is both a physically and mentally demanding sport that involves hours of intensive practice to truly master. You use many muscles when practicing and performing baton twirling routines. Muscles in your wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, core, and legs are all highlighted during your routine. It takes endurance, strength, and coordination to be a successful baton twirler. Baton twirlers can benefit from strengthening their core strength. You can do this through core-strengthening workshops or performing exercises at home. Some home exercises you can do include planks, bridges, abdominal crunches, and side planks. All of these will target your core and help you gain solid control over your movements during routines. Another area baton twirlers need to be skilled in is flexibility. You need above average flexibility for baton twirling because a lot of the dance moves includes high kicks and extensive movement of limbs. You donít want to hurt yourself during a performance from kicking your leg too high or twisting your arm back beyond its capabilities. Some twirlers join gymnastics or yoga classes in order to increase their flexibility. If you canít join a gymnastics class, then it might be beneficial to practice your flexibility at home. Mentally, you need to remember the routine and be able to coordinate your movements with the music. It takes a lot of effort to twirl a baton quickly and in graceful movements without dropping it. You also need to be able to think quickly in case you drop the baton- using your skills to pick up the baton and continue seamlessly with your routine. Keep in mind that baton twirling takes time to become proficient in, and hours of practice are needed to learn new routines and successfully master new techniques. With patience and dedication, you can master the sport of baton twirling.

Posted: 3/14/2018

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