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Preparing To Twirl At Home

Now youíre a twirler, but training doesnít stop once you leave the studio. Talent must be nurtured ó even at home. With a little extra effort put in to make sure your mind and body are prepared for the intricacy of the choreography, youíre bound to ace that next performance! Eating well is the first and foremost basic of keeping your body balanced throughout the day. While treating yourself to fast food after a strenuous day sounds very tempting, the high levels of fat and salt will deplete your energy faster and essentially undo your efforts to remain fit. Opting to trade salty snacks for vitamin and protein-strong substitutes will keep your body happy and ready to tackle the day. Sleep plentifully; a comfortable 8 to 10 hours of sleep has proven to boost athletesí abilities. If time is an issue, a nap after eating, in addition to sleeping at night, can improve brain activity ó and itís important to stay sharp when searching for where that baton is falling! Itís recommended that you turn off electronics for at least half an hour before you settle down. The blue light emitted from the screens can offset restfulness. Pick up a book to get your eyes weary instead! Stretch and exercise; Itís crucial that your muscles stay well tuned, but also safe whenever youíre not at the studio. Going out for a half hour to an hour run can keep your blood pumping and muscles active. Thereís nothing worse than trying to do a cartwheel and feeling like your calves are going to lock up whenever you land back down on your feet, so make sure you stretch just enough to prepare yourself for physical activity. Exercising at least once per day, even if itís just a quick jog before dinner with the family, can also help you go soundly to sleep that night! Here at Starline Baton, weíre eager to provide your dedicated starlettes with the equipment they need. Check out our online store!

Posted: 1/23/2019

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