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What You Need to Succeed in Color Guard

Entering the world of color guard is a great way to share pride and spirit for your school or organization. The sport of color guard stems from the military, where flag holders acted as part of the army to show the opponent their dignity. Since then, color guard has evolved into a collaborative activity with marching bands who wave flags, sabres, rifles, or air blades to interpret the music that the band is playing. In order to start your color guard experience, there are a few fundamental pieces of equipment you must have in order to be fully prepared. Flag and Pole In color guard, the flag and pole are two of the few parts that you can choose on your own. Choosing the right flag pole is essential to providing you with the ability to perform your movements accurately. Star Line Baton offers a wide selection of flag poles in all different colors, such as black, gold, white, and silver, to match any color or design of flag you plan to twirl. After choosing your shaft, itís time to pick out your very own silk flag. Star Line Baton has a selection of several colors of both double flags and single flags for practice and competition. Sabres In addition to flag twirling, sabre handling is another vital part to completing the color guard ensemble. The sabre for the top color guard groups is called the excalibur, and it is featured on Star Line Batonís website in the 36-inch and 39- inch option. This sabre is made from hardened and polished stainless steel, adding a bright shimmer to every twirl. Rifles Star Line Baton also has a wide variety of rifles in stock. The elite models of rifles Star Line Baton offers are the best on the market for people of all experience levels in color guard. For example, the elite Pro 36- inch and 39-inch rifle comes with a leather strap, and is made with high impact plastic so you can twirl and throw over any hard surface and have the confidence that it will not break if it touches the ground. Many color guard professionals recommend taping your rifle for better grip during performances. Star Line Baton gives you the option to add tape to your order, so you donít have to search elsewhere to complete your rifle purchase. Batons and Cases Lastly, no color guard group is complete without its baton twirlers. Star Line Baton is the world's leading baton manufacturer, so you can find all different kinds of batons for any of your twirling occasions on our website. When youíre done with practice or competition, itís important to put your batons away in a safe place. Star Line Baton also offers a variety of cases that have the option to be embroidered so you never lose your batons. For all of your color guard needs, call 931-528-7829 or check out our website at starlinebaton.com

Posted: 10/21/2020

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