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Positive Mental Health

Twirling can be strenuous ó especially when that baton sure seems adamant on bopping you on the head every time it falls down! Sometimes it can feel like the routine is just never going to come together. Youíre not alone. Itís important to understand that even professionals and champions donít just wake up incredible at what they do. Hours and hours of practice are needed in order to take home the gold! However, itís not only your physical body that needs to be trained and conditioned ó itís also your mental state! Keeping your head in the game is the difference between catching that baton perfectly or letting it swing down and landing on your poor nose. Take the time to mentally prepare yourself by making sure all of your obligations around twirling are tied up and not leaving you anxious while performing. Though you should dedicate plenty of time to the sport, giving your body an adequate amount of rest will bolster your ability to concentrate better the next time you pick up the baton! Put some time to the side for ďyou time.Ē Switch on your favorite show or indulge in hobbies. In the competition world, itís easy to feel bogged down as if youíve got too much on your plate than you can handle. Express your concerns to a caretaker or friend and bounce ideas off them to resolve any issues which could be off-balancing you. Nothing is worth sacrificing your mental stability. Here at Starline Baton, we hope to relieve at least some of your stress by providing good quality products of a grand variety. Check out our store!

Posted: 2/6/2019

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